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Sub-marine telecommunication cable recovery

Mertech Marine are pioneers of commercially viable recovery and dismantling of redundant sub-marine telecommunication cables.

Mertech Marine can offer deep sea recovery- and dismantling services to the telecommunication cable owners, at no cost.

We look forward to develop strong relationships with key stakeholders in the sub-marine telecommunication cable industry.

Recovery at Sea and Dismantling
on Land

Mertech Marine initiated the concept of recovering and recycling redundant telecommunication cables from the seabed since 2006. Following intensive research and development, the company could presently be considered the world leaders in its particular field.

Mertech Marine has fully industrialised production capability for the recovery and dismantling of most specifications of co-axial and fibre optic telecommunications cables within ISO 9000 standard requirements.


Mertech Marine is a world leader in the recovery and recycling of redundant telecommunication cables from the seabed in an environmental friendly way.

Zero emissions are emitted in the recycling process due to the cable being mechanically dismantled, rather than being burnt of smelted.